Sunmile Electric Meat Grinder Review in 2021

Do you know? To make tasty meat like a burger, patties at home are very easy and excited when you have a meat grinder in your kitchen.Pic one of the model of Sunmile meat grinder as it is trusted and in your budget.

Brand sunmile is a perfect gift for home food lovers. It made meat grinders of different categories and budgets.
Here, look at all models made by the sunmile brand as we have listed its all meat grinders with their features.

#1. Sunmile SM-G33 Electric meat grinder

sunmile meat grinder


  • Dimensions : 13.58 x 6.18 x 13.58
  • Weight : 8.82 pounds
  • Power : 400-800w
  • Grinding per hour : 170lbs
  • Accessories : 1 stainless-steel cutting blade; 3 stainless steel cutting plates; 1 plastic food pusher; 3 sausage attachment.
  • Warranty : 1-year
  • Editor's rating : 4.3 /5


  • Featured high power and strong motor.
  • Grinds 170lbs meets per hour.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Stainless steel blades, sausage attachment and plates.
  • High customer rate and 1-year warranty.


  • Plastic housing.
  • No dishwasher safe.

The new Sunmile SM-G33 comes with a super simple design that can fit with your kitchen decoration easily. You can sue it for different purposes of grinding.

Whether you are using it for your home or using it for commercial use, the grinder can surely cover any meat grinding for you.

The grinder comes with a robust motor that grinds a lot of quantity of meat per hour. It also works with the hardest types of meat.

Some experts say that the grinder can even grind the bones f you want to prepare them for your dog meals. The stainless steel blade is very steady and sharp. They surely handle the best grinding for your different meals too.

Top Features of the new Sunmile SM-G33

1. Very powerful motor

Actually, the electric motor is very powerful. Actually, the steady motor can make the grinding very easy. You will be able to grind even hard bones thanks to the power that goes to 800w. This is a very robust power comparing to the other competitors in the market of electric grinders too. You will have a long-lasting motor since the guarantee always supports you in any technical issues you face with the grinder.

2. Easy to disassemble and clean it manually

The grinder is super easy to clean. You can assemble it and disable it in zero time. The grinder can disassemble it completely. Like that, the process of cleaning will be easy too. You can even use the dishwasher since the part of this grinder is very compatible with any dosh washer space. Accordingly, you will save a lot of time and energy while cleaning your grinder. On the other hand, you can easily assemble it too. Especially after you directly buy and want to make it fit with your kitchen. You will not need any expert since everything is explained in the guide of the new grinder.

3. Stainless steel blades and plating

Actually, electric grinder has a lot of stainless steel. You will shrug off the nightmare of cleaning your grinder each time you use it because of the dirty spot there. In addition to that, you will keep your grinder always from the rust and the dirty spots around you too. Like that, you will never be obliged to buy another grinder just because of the rust problems.

4. Sausage attachment

Another advantage that grinder thought about is how they can make a polyvalent grinder for their different clients. If you are passionate about the sausage meals, you will not be obliged to buy another grinder dictated for sausage only. The new Sunmile grinder can make your sausage comes to life thanks to the new handy attachment. Actually, the attachment is also easy to operate and clean too.

5. Good performance for the price

No one can deny that the price is very affordable compared to the quality of the grinder you will get for sure. You will get a tremendous amount of features to embed with the packages for 80 USD. This is a very handy price in the market of electric grinders without any doubt.

6. Customers rate it highly.

If it happens that you need any support related to your new electric grinder, then the customer service will help you. Sunmile have very skilled staff from different background. They ultimately help you with any technical issue with your new grinder.

How to Use This Grinder

You can use the grinder in a very easy way. Actually, even beginners can make it happen if they have ever grind anything in their lives. You can load the grinder with meat than with the button, and bingo, the grinder will bring it to life.

The grinder will never be broken thanks to the metal parts. The stainless steel will last forever. This is due to the resistance to the rust and water and even dirty spots on the grinder's blades and surface.

You will also have a very handy sausage attachment that makes great meals for your kids and guests, too, in a very short time. The Kubbe maker is also easy to use. You can make pasta in an easy way. All you need to do is load the big cup of the grinder, and the output will be released in a very short time.

One of the top advantages of an electric grinder is THE fast precious grinder of your different meat types. The use of the grinder is very easy, and all you need to do is a few steps and start grinding your meat quickly and effectively.

#2. Sunmile SM-G31 Meat Grinder

#3. Sunmile SM-G50 Meat Grinder

#4. Sunmile SM-G73 Meat Grinder


In the end, we highly confirm for you that the new grinder brought a lot of new advantages for your grinding routine. You will optimize a lot of time, energy, and money while using the new electric grinder.

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