how to sharpen meat grinder blades and plates

How To Sharpen Meat Grinder Blades And Plates

In almost all houses, there is an electric assistant that quickly grinds meat with a filling of any consistency, helps to squeeze the juice, prepare original cookies or homemade pasta, and some artisans make meat delicacies.

As a general rule, users are facing the challenge of wrapping a knife directly in the stuffing cooking process. Except that everything was normal, and suddenly the technique crushes meat, the process is out of control.

If the knife is blunt, don't be upset - you can fix it in half an hour. You need to find a grinding stone or emery cloth and proceed, independently, to cut knives in the recommendations that we will provide you.

Before you sharpen the knives for the meat grinder, you need to find out why they get blunt with time because the manufacturers claim that they sharpen themselves around the metal of the grill during rotation. Meat is a soft substance that usually comes in contact with the small opening and durable parts, which contribute to the gradual rounding of the cutting edge and become opaque. The product starts to chew the product and, over time, leaves ultimately to process it. Therefore, as soon as you find the incorrection at the tool, stop the work, disassemble, and further sharpen the knives.

Here in this content, we are going to describe to you how to sharpen your meat grinder blade easily, most straightforward tools with your own hands.


Before grinding the knives for the meat grinder at home, you need to study its working principle. Otherwise, it will be challenging to obtain a positive result. The mobile cutting tool always works. Paired with a fixed grid, holes throughout the plane, and you need them to sharpen altogether. This part swings with the screw and the four blades begin to grind the product, penetrating through the holes under pressure. This way, a churning difference is achieved, since several grids are used: with small or more significant perforations.
Get ready with all the material required to carry out the entire process with high quality and follow the basic rules.
Check the surface on which you are going to sharpen the knives with a thick metal ruler - Attach and make sure there is no gap. Place a paper or circle on the table, fix it well. Under the sandpaper, it is better to place a piece of plexiglass for a better straight position.
To treat the entire surface evenly, use a wooden clamp. It is required to press in the center of a knife or a lattice, to make circular movements exactly, with a bit effort when dabbing on a tree.
After sharpening, it is necessary to grind the grid, the edges of its perforations also wear out during work.

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Abrasive stone

For proper sharpening, it is best to purchase a corundum grinding stone with a diameter of 180 mm and a grain size of 40 to 60 microns. Then place it on a flat surface, pour tap water, or water it regularly, because the whole process must be carried out with your participation so that the metal is cooled continuously.
The sharpening stone does not move on the table, under its dense matter, take a knife and start rotating clockwise. For better contact, use a clamp on a piece of wood, pressure should be applied to the center of the blade, and the grinding wheel can be fixed with your free hand.

Sharpening machine

This is the easiest way to sharpen blades, but it is not suitable for everyone: if you cannot work with this device, perform guided sharpening. Always Use the smooth side surface of the wheel, which is a pre-applied select paste with fine abrasive. After drying, everything is ready for performance. Press the Start button and slowly press the part besides its surface. While sharpening, it is necessary to visually check the quality, giving the metal time to cool, so that nothing can be burned with the color of the tone - the characteristic intensity of heated metal level.
We perform the same matter with the grid; only it is better to use it—wooden clamp not to hurt your fingers. The technique is identical to sharpening a four-blade knife.
On the kitchen table's surface, place a thick sheet of glass, ordinary or organic, so that it does not break with the effort—Grease the back of the paper for safety. Collate stick so that it does not move on the glass. If there are burrs and splinters in the knife, you should handle them carefully and take care of a small file. Then place the blade on the emery sheet and in a circular motion to grind a uniform shine across the surface. Here also visit best meat grinder for deer.

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