Traffic and Income Report – June 2014

blogreport 2014 06

Hello all, Marc here to talk about the blog’s numbers and statistics in this traffic and income report.

This report, which is published every month, will be a round-up of what happened both in front of the scene and behind the scene at Smell My Kitchen.

This is also an acknowledgment of our own efforts to see where we stand as blog owners and it gives us the power to appreciate our website’s evolution. Feel free to comment or ask any questions in the comments section.

Our second blog report. Exciting isn’t it? Let’s hope we beat the amount of 0.32$ from last month.

Let’s begin!

1. Blog in numbers

How many posts did we write this month? Last month we wrote 9 posts and this month… 10! Since last month was good – at least 2 posts a week – we are still on track. YEAH!

Speaking of Pinterest: anyone knows how to check the total repins for a particular link? Thank you in advance.

Here’s something I learned about FoodGawker: the picture you are submitting has to be part of the post otherwise it’s going to be rejected. Not a hard thing to correct, but still a waste of time if you do it often.

2. Traffic, followers, and income

Let’s take the “followers” part out of the way first. I got rid of the multiple social media buttons from the sidebar and moved them to the footer.


Because I want to build our mailing list first and foremost. If you subscribe to our newsletter– which I suggest you do to receive these reports as soon as they are posted! – you will see that after subscribing you will be redirected to a second page where I invite people to follow us on Facebook.

We will never send you spam or sell your email address.

Traffic wise we had a total of 2564 page views in May. Did we beat it in June?

No, we didn’t.

It happens. I attribute this lack of traffic to my lack of time to work on the blog. I was busy preparing my vacations for the first three weeks of July and that meant I had a lot on my plate at my full-time job.


Let’s see the positive though: we had our biggest day ever on June 25th with 195 sessions. Do you want to know what’s interesting with that date? It was the day after we published the 10 tips to keep your refrigerator clean & organized post. 97 sessions out of those 195 sessions came from Pinterest and 80 of them were on the 10 tips post.

And now for what interest most of you: income.

Last month we made 0.32$ with AdSense.

This month we raised our income by 653% 553% (edit: apparently I can’t math). A whooping 2.09$!

The income came from two different sources:

  • AdSense: 1.44$
  • Gourmet Ads: 0.65$

What are Gourmet Ads you say? They are an advertising agency similar to AdSense that is focusing on food and wine publishers. We had no problem entering the agency since they are actively looking for blogs from Canada and New Zealand.

I think 0.65$ is fairly low but again, we only entered Gourmet Ads on the last week of June. We will see how it will perform in July.

We are still very far from Lindsay and Björk at Pinch Of Yum with their amazing 31073.42$, but they are the flag ship of the monetized food blogs.

We are, though, closer to our Canadian counterpart Adrian and Jeremy from The Food Gays who started doing this same kind of report. They are on their second income report so make sure you follow them. You should also check out their new blog design!

3. Blog Changes

Since we are trying to build our mailing list, I thought it would be useful to have something to send to users who subscribe.

We started using MailChimp for our newsletter campaigns, and it is working beautifully. I set up an “RSS to Email” campaign that gets sent automatically every morning when there is a new post on the blog.

Hum, would you like a tutorial on how to do this? Let me know if you think it would be useful to you!

Make sure you start right away and create your MailChimp account so you can start building your mailing list. It is the most direct way you have to contact your users, and those users, those who subscribed by themselves, subscribed because they want to hear about you and read you.

They are the best! ♥

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