Tofu Stir Fry with Soya Sauce Marinade

For the second time, this recipe idea comes from Marc. If you liked the first one, you will enjoy this tofu stir fry with soya sauce marinade, or teriyaki.

This recipe was WONDERFUL! Light yet very fulfilling. The baby loved this one so much, he used two spoons!

We love to try vegetarian recipes lately and apparently we are also fans of teriyaki sauce. New found obsession!

The soya sauce marinade was thick enough for us, but if you would like it to be even thicker you can add some corn starch or flour to it.

Something fun you can do with this recipe is add all kinds of vegetables. Use anything you have on hands like broccoli, baby corn or even bean sprouts. They would make the recipe taste so awesome!

We had some leftovers from this recipe and it was very good the next day. The soya sauce marinade in the tofu stir fry soaked through the noddles and it tasted amazing.

By the way here’s a quick tip: The longer you marinate the tofu in the soya sauce marinade, the better it will taste! The kids loved it. We honestly think it was the best tofu recipe we did yet.

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