Sweet Cinnamon Oven Roasted Peaches

There are a few ingredients in life that makes you go WHOA life IS GOOD. Peaches do that to me. There is not enough recipes with peaches. Fortunately it seems that lately a lot of people cook with peaches (like Host The Toast’s maple bourbon brown butter peach pie) and this hereby sweet cinnamon oven roasted peaches.

I’ve also seen a lot of peaches recipes on Pinterest lately. By the way come and follow us! We don’t bite. At least not people… just food.

My parents were over when we made this recipe and they loved it. The kids also devoured theirs like they were eating for the first time in weeks.

Chantal and I enjoyed ours with extra cinnamon and it was just SUPER DELICIOUS. Mmmm… mmm… mmm!

The preparation is kind of fun too because you need to fill the peach centers with the mixture like so:

I’m telling you, do this recipe the next time you have guests over and share it all over the place using the following buttons: people will thank you!

And we will thank you as well. This is what keeps us going as blog owners! If you do make the recipe, let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

Before I leave you with the recipe, I want to share a video we filmed at dinner last week. Our little guy was feeding our middle man and they had so much fun. It’s in those moments we are happy to be parents.


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