Raspberry Frozen Mini Cakes

Fresh and especially frozen desserts are amazing when the temperature is as hot as it is lately. These raspberry frozen mini cakes arrive just in time!

Sometimes it’s hard to be creative with frozen desserts. Ice cream always comes in mind and not much else.

I’m not saying ice cream is bad. Actually ice cream is awesome! But it can be dull by moments.

We decided to do those mini cakes, cupcakes, frozen muffins, whatever you want to call them, to show the kids how creative you can be with a recipe. They loved them!

We served them as is with a little raspberry puree. You can also serve them inverted with a nice mint leaf for look.

Like I said, the kids loved this dessert. It was refreshing, although they thaw quickly so if it is a warm day, I suggest you take them out of the wrappers quickly as it can get pretty messy, pretty fast.

The taste of the raspberries made the recipe, but personally I’m a sucker for graham cookies.

Am I the only one?

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