Lasagna Stuffed Peppers

 Did we tell you vegan recipes could become a trend for Smell My Kitchen? Well turns out we decide to create a category called “Vegan / Vegetarian / Gluten-Free” and these lasagna stuffed peppers fit the bill.

We decided to add vegetarian and gluten-free to the category because of this recipe, and because the cheese we used isn’t vegan. We don’t want to mislead anybody!

So Chantal saw a similar idea to this one on Facebook and she decided to create her own twist on it. She was tired of cooking with pasta and needed to do something different.

You know how kids are: we want pasta, more pasta, pasta again, a side of pasta with my pasta, etc.

This recipe is a slightly healthier way to eat your favorite pasta sauce without the pasta, and all of it stuffed into a vegetable.

The lasagna stuffed peppers were a hit. We really enjoyed it and our middle man loves peppers so it was a win win situation in every way.

For the meat lovers : add sausages, take them out of their wrapper, and cook them in your marinara sauce.  You can also replace your marinara sauce by a nice meat sauce or add some bacon with the Romano cheese.

You can create a lot of fun variations with this recipe.

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