Fresh Fruits Coconut Milk Smoothie

Summer and cold drinks go hand in hand together. This fresh fruits coconut milk smoothie is also capable of replacing your lunch when the weather is too hot.

Our first drink on Smell My Kitchen! After our first vegan recipe and our first blog  report, we can safely say that June is full of firsts!

I need to mention this. It’s not always easy to take good pictures even after a few tries: the vegan kabobs picture is an example of that. I was not satisfied at all with the picture but nothing was working.

Well for this fresh fruits coconut milk smoothie is was a bit different. I don’t have one picture that I consider good, nor two, nor three, but FOUR pictures that I like. Amazing. I wish it was always like that.

This is an easy and healthy way to refresh yourself during the warm summer months. If you are like us, meaning part of the few people left without air conditioner, you don’t feel like eating as much when it’s super hot outside.

It is also a bit hard to make the kids eat healthy or eat at all. Making a fresh fruits coconut milk smoothie is an easy way to make sure they eat well and balanced foods.

We try to keep fresh fruits and veggies out on the table all the time but sometimes it’s harder to plainly eat. Drinking on the other hand comes easily and this smoothie in a colourful glass works beautifully for this purpose.

You can replace any ingredients with your favorite fruit: raspberries, mangoes or fresh pineapples, blueberries and add 1/2 a banana to thicken it up. It is extremely versatile and the kids LOVE making them as well.

For adults, you can add a little white rum to your smoothie for that extra “punch”. Let’s call this our secret ingredient.

This said, we will now go enjoy a fresh smoothie on the patio with the kids. Have a great afternoon!

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