Corn Flake Fish Balls

Having difficulty feeding fish to your kids? These corn flake fish balls are certainly one of our kids’ favorite recipe when it comes to the fish and I’m sure yours would like them as well.

Before talking about the recipe I need to tell you guys something.

I’m giving up the role of filling out the pool.

For the third time this year I’ve put the hose in the pool to fill it out because some water evaporated because of the hot weather… and forgot about it! Like Homer Simpsons would say: d’oh!

Want to know what the worst thing is? This was overnight. Our pool was filled with water  from 7 pm to 7 am. That’s twelve long hours. Let’s just say my grass is well hydrated now.

Fortunately there wasn’t any damages to the pool or our house, but let’s say I wasn’t impressed with myself. So from now on, Chantal is on pool filling duty as I am not doing it again this summer.

I won’t lie and say I’m a big fan of fish, because I am not. It’s not because of the taste, I actually quite like it: it’s because of those damn fish bones. I’m lazy and I eat fast and having to make sure I don’t choke on them, the bones are a hassle for me.

But oh did this recipe quickly become one of my favorite fish recipes. The ingredients, including the fish, for these corn flake fish balls are passed in a food processor, crushing every single bone.

This is perfect for a lazy eater like me. Hooray!

Throw  on a bit of ketchup on your balls (ahah!) and you are good to go. The corn flake fish balls melt in your mouth and they just taste SO good. You will notice in the recipe that we used salmon, which is the bestest fish ever, especially on sushi, but you can use whichever fish you like, even canned fish.

Our kids asked Chantal: “Why don’t you do them like chicken fingers?” well… there is absolutely no reason why you can not. She simply hadn’t thought of it so next time we will humor them and make them into fingers.

They absolutely loved these, and can easily become a family favorite. No easier way to hide vegetables as well: try it with some baby spinach leaves,  it’s totally amazing!

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