Cheese Cake in a Jar with Fresh Berries and Graham Cookie

It’s patio time! We finally have weather mild enough to go outside with just a sweat shirt on and it encouraged us to do a refreshing dessert this weekend. I present you a dessert that requires NO COOKING,  cheese cake in a jar!

Over the weekend we decided to invite friends over for dinner. Chantal cooked a tasty chicken parmigiana (stay tune for the recipe!) and her and our neighbor friend – which you might remember from the chocolate chip cheese cake – decided we needed a refreshing dessert.

Fresh fruit and cheese blended with graham cookie. Refreshing enough?

And since they were at it, why not impress our friends? Put it in jars!

Each cheese cake in a jar turned out to be so delightful. It was like taking a bit right out of a cloud descended from heaven. It tasted like paradise.

This dessert could be made in a cake form, but it wouldn’t taste as good. Remember, we eat with our eyes first! And putting them in jars was just so impressive that it made the experience totally different.

They made the cheese cake in a jar with raspberries but it could easily be done with strawberries, blueberries or even bananas. Only your imagination limits you.

Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Recipe for cheese cake in a jar, here we come:

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