Bocconcini Cheese Summer Delight Appetizer

 Today marks the day where we put our first appetizer recipe. We made a bocconcini cheese summer delight with cherry tomatoes and mini cucumbers to go with our filet mignon. It was fresh!

The appetizer was really refreshing and healthy and felt like summer, but what’s funny is that the thing that takes the most out of the Quebec population right now is something we do on ice.


Last night was the first match of the Montreal Canadian against Boston for the second game of the NHL Stanley Cup Championship series. Exciting? OH YEAH!

And the Montreal Canadians won 4-3 in overtime! What an amazing game!

Although this recipe is very simple, it was also very good. It’s only cheese with tomatoes and cucumber and a bit of balsamic vinegar Glaze.

It looks great doesn’t it?

For those of you who don’t know what bocconcinis are, they are small mozzarella cheeses and they are about  the size of small eggs. They are of Italian descent and bocconcini means “small mouthfuls”.

Today, we learned.

To your knifes, and make this bocconcini cheese summer delight:

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