Basil and Romano Bread Machine Pizza Dough

What’s better than homemade pizza dough?? To be honest not a whole lot. Add basil and romano to it and NOW you’re talking. This is one of the recipes that we will surely make over and over again.

But first I got to say that today was a sad day. We celebrated the departure of my grand-mother and to be honest the funeral was beautiful. She would have loved it.

On a happier note, last weekend we went to the water park with our two big boys. We had SO MUCH FUN. The sun was present and very hot, the water was refreshing and everyone had a good time.

Sorry ladies, I’m not in the pictures. Didn’t want to make anyone jealous!

I’m kidding. It does take someone to take the pictures.

It was a great day and one we wanted to make this year before Chantal’s ataxia gets too hard on her to do activities like this.

Once home we made amazing basil and romano bread machine pizza dough. The bread machine is really used to knead the dough. It’s easier than doing it manually!

Now as you know we started our “Belly-Be-Gone” challenge on Monday. We had the pizza on Saturday. Let’s just say I exaggerated. I ate four pieces and I felt BAD. But it was so GOOD.

We made two pizzas and the one in the pictures was made with my very first spaghetti sauce. As some of you know, I am far from a cook so this was a big step for me. I made it under the guidance of Chantal and it was, dare I say it, delicious!

The recipe for the spaghetti sauce – directly from Chantal’s Italian grand-mother – will be part of our free e-book that we will distribute through our mailing list once it’s done. So make sure you subscribe!

Prepare your ingredients because this recipe was one of the best one we did. And our kitchen smelled really good! Let’s just say our blog name really took meaning when we made it.

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