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If you have any question specific to the use of Recipes Writer, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

What is Recipes Writer?

Recipes Writer is our own WordPress plugin to write standardized recipes. It’s easy, intuitive and secure – we are saving your recipes to your database, so as long as you backup your database, you won’t lose anything!

Why did we developed the plugin?

We were tired of being limited. We were tired of losing recipes because a post got deleted or wrongly modified. We wanted something more streamlined and workflow oriented. Sounds too familiar? Read on.


  • Standardized measurements and temperature indicator: set them up in the options panel before you begin writing recipes and never change them again.
  • Add any number of recipes in one post: we are using WordPress shortcodes!
  • Use the same recipes in multiple posts: if you modify it in your recipes list, it’s modified everywhere.
  • Use recipe categories and cuisines to your liking: once setup in the options panel, they appear in a drop down box when you are writing a recipe. Made a typo? Modify the category or the cuisine and it gets modified everywhere on your blog.
  • Create templates: if you know a little bit of HTML and CSS coding, you can create your own templates for displaying and printing recipes by using our template tags.
  • Reorder ingredients and instructions easily: if you noticed you mixed up the order of your ingredients or your instructions, you can just drag and drop them in the right order in the editor. No need to cut and paste text.
  • Labels: if you have multiple sections to your recipe (ie: salad and dressing), you can add a label in your ingredients and instructions to tell the visitor which part is which.
  •’s recipes compliant: your recipes will be displayed with a picture and any important information using Google Rich Snippets.
  • Recipes rating: our plugin implement a rating system therefore your visitors can rate your recipes.
  • Forever free: we will never charge for Recipes Writer. Ever.


Standardized measurements. Once selected in the options, only the measurements selected will show up in the recipes editor assuring a standard way of writing recipes across your blog.

Workflow oriented: for example the “Categories” and “Cuisines” have to be set up in the options and then selected in the recipes editor via a drop down menu. This assures consistency across all recipes. If you made a typo in one of your categories, just fix it in the options page and all your recipes pertaining to that categories will reflect the change.

Easy to understand and to fill recipes editor.

It looks great when filled out! Notice the blue arrows besides the ingredients and the instructions: they help you drag and reorder them after the fact. No more cut and paste!


Your entire recipes list in one window. Easy to grab shortcodes to input in your posts.


In the future

Which features will be developed for Recipes Writer next? You tell us! While developing the initial version of Recipes Writer we implemented features we wanted to see and use and thought they were useful. We didn’t think of everything so if you need any additional features, contact us.

What can you do to help?

Spread the word!

Seriously. Click one of the buttons above to share this page. Directly in the plugin we implemented a “support the plugin” option that makes a small footer appears at the bottom of your recipes with a link to this page. Leaving this option “on” helps us keep the plugin free.

About the author

Throughout this page I am saying “we” developed, “we are”, because “we” is Smell My Kitchen. Marc-André developed the plugin and Chantal is using it. If you have any question contact Marc at

Already a user of Recipes Writer?

First of all, thank you for your trust! We would love to hear about your experience but also your frustrations. Write to us and tell us how Recipes Writer made your life easier, or worse. And if you really, really enjoy our plugin, please consider donating a small amount by clicking the button below: every dollar is greatly appreciated!