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No Bake Nutella Oreo Cheesecake

This is a very simple cheesecake to make that tastes absolutely AMAZING! So amazing that our 8 years old son asked for this cake as his birthday cake. We present to you: the no-bake nutella oreo cheesecake. Before talking about wonderful things like cheesecakes, sugar and butterflies I need to say something: tonight I got stabbed

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Raspberry Frozen Mini Cakes

Fresh and especially frozen desserts are amazing when the temperature is as hot as it is lately. These raspberry frozen mini cakes arrive just in time! Sometimes it’s hard to be creative with frozen desserts. Ice cream always comes in mind and not much else. I’m not saying ice cream is bad. Actually ice cream

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Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake

Last weekend was the last weekend of the Winter Olympics 2014. We’ve got to be sadden by Team USA’s defeat in hockey on Saturday and then we’ve got treated to an excellent win by Team Canada on Sunday. All in all we were very happy with our country’s performance and we celebrated by eating some

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