About Us

aboutus chantalChantal Leblanc

Chantal is the cook and recipes maker of Smell My Kitchen. Born in 1979 in Wakefield, Québec, Canada, she worked a few years for the Government of Canada before having her employment terminated due to budget cuts. She took this opportunity to become a massage therapist, which she does from home since 2012.

In December 2013, Chantal was diagnosed with a neuro-degenerative disease called Cerrebular Ataxia. Ataxia affects her center of balance and her nervous system. The muscles in her legs are also affected and it will most likely affect her arms at some point.

She is doing everything she can to spread the word about this unknown disease. If you would like to know more, consider watching this video.

aboutus marcMarc-André Larivière

Marc-André, or Marc for short, was born in 1986 in a town called Hull, Québec, Canada, now known as Gatineau. Prior to his current employment as a system testing analyst, he worked in IT support fixing computers and did some programming. Yes, he is a geek.

He’s an avid video gamer and loves Internet technologies. He coded our WordPress theme and our plugin Recipes Writer by himself and loves to learn about the different aspects of building a blog.

His dream is to bring this blog to a point where he could “retire” from his day job and work full time on the wonderful world that is the Internet. He would love to be working at home and be able to help Chantal through her Ataxia.

He is not a cook but would love to become half of one through the Smell My Kitchen adventure.

Who are we?

We met at work in 2008 and formed a couple a little bit later. We are proud parents of 3 kids, 2 dogs, and one cat. We married in April 2012 ’til death does us part and founded this blog for our resolution of New Year’s Eve 2014.