About the Blog

Thus, Smell My Kitchen was born.

We hope this blog will be at the center of our lives for multiple reasons in 2014, and who knows, the years to come! Here are a few:

  • Eat healthier, home-cooked meals. We love fast food but think we are abusing it a bit and we know our bank account will agree.
  • Throw me into photography again. I use to enjoy doing photography a few year’s back but stopped almost completely for two years now. In April 2012, as a wedding gift, we bought ourselves a Nikon D7000with a Tamron 17-50mm to complement the rest of our gear and I feel like it hasn’t been used enough yet.
  • Lose weight. Logically less junk food (and chips; I love chips!)  should lead to weight loss and better health.
  • Teach our kids to love all kind of food and not be so fussy about it.
  • And last but not least, teach me how to cook!

We hope that by sharing our adventure with the World Wide Web others will discover delicious recipes and, at the same time, we will find new amazing food experience and maybe, new friends!

If you wish to share your recipes with us or send in a guest post, feel free to contact us.